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Wife Pussy Full Of Strange Cum

Houston we have lift off! Yes indeed our naughty creampie wife has passed the tipping point and now her warm hairy pussy is host to millions of strange sperm. I wonder how many of those little wigglers will swim down to find her cervix and quickly slip up that tiny baby making hole. All I can say is her wife pussy full of strange cum really gives me a woody.

In this picture the effects of that load are clearly evident and apparently her little box isn’t big enough to hold that monster sized load of jism. My only hope now is that in short order those bangers are having a party deep inside her belly.

I heard once that when sperm enters the cervix a woman has a small area where she nurtures and keeps them happy for up to a week. Wouldn’t that be kinky to know that for days after this picture was taken that her body would be holding his sperm for days, while it waited for her to ripen up.

From what I gather off the board she is not a stranger to this activity and that wife pussy full of strange cum is something she does often. I wonder how many strangers have dropped a condom of sperm on the ground not realizing that their boys would end up in a hot snatch like this.


Creampie Wife Injects His Sperm

We hit the point of no return folks! This kinky chick put her money where her mouth is, or better said she puts sperm where her pussy is. We have taken several steps to get to the money shot and after hunting through the brush in some road side park to sucking the cum out of a condom we just hit the home run.

Its been a joyous surprise so far and in this addition we finally get to witness the moment of fertilization, or I hope anyway. With her toy full of spunk the creampie wife injects his sperm inside her pussy. I can only image the action taking place within her furry playground as millions of little swimmers go hunting for a mate.

Oh how I wish I was the one suckling on those big old titties of hers, I would wrap my lips around them big nipples and suck like a starving calf. Can you imagine how big those bongos are gonna be if this turns into a breeding session?

Let me get back to business here and tell you what I know. Its not rocket science to figure out but the lovely sight of all that cum flowing through that tube her as the creampie wife injects his sperm is sight for sore eyes. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for this second and this chick sure made it sweet.

Creampie From Stranger

Before moving forward with this update from hot wife I wanted to say I made a cool discovery. During my last visit to the boards I talked with a friend who loves creampie but was never allowed to give one. I guess his wife wasn’t into the sperm dripping pussy ordeal and constantly rejected his request to fill her snatch and take pictures. Well one day he took matters into his own hands and gave her a secret injection of cum.

He told me there was now a special place to post pictures and stories of events like this and he gave me the address to the blog where is resides so if you like go here and watch teens gets unwanted creampie in their pussy.

Now to the important stuff. When we checked in last with the creampie wife she was sucking the sperm from a condom to inject into that hairy hole of hers and in this update we get a good look at that soon to be impregnated sluts snatch.

This is a perfect shot of the sperm delivery devise and as you can see the syringe is fully loaded with that strange batch of cum she picked up. She has her panties pulled to the side and soon the baby batter will be flowing so I hope she is close to ovulation so those boys can go play.

Sucking Sperm From Condom

Things are starting to get serious now with this hot creampie loving wife as we get our first good glimpse of the naughty fun as it begins. Two great things to notice here, first look at that beautiful panty covered pussy, a wondrous mound of fertile fun just hides beneath the surface.

The second huge detail is that she is sucking sperm from the condom and we all know where this is gonna end up going, straight into her hairy snatch. As you recall this is the package she found at the dogging location last week which was taken home so that this wife could inject her vagina with some strange dudes sperm.

As you can see she has some kind of injector attached to a tube which then slips into the condom full of spunk. As she pulls on the plunger the sticky white goodness a sucked up into the devise and I am guessing she next insert his baby making sperm into her pussy lips.

She mentioned in her post that this is one of those exciting moments in the game, the point where she witnesses the cum that will soon be bathing her cervix and filling up her warm tunnel. She says sucking sperm from the condom provides a unique visual that really gets her heart racing.


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